Homo Liturgicus

My new book is finally published!
In the first place this is unmistakably – poetry. If by poetry we mean, above all, a vision of life incarnate in words (“the best possible words in the best possible words”) and thus a recreation of the world, your verses are poetry. Once more a man saw and experienced life in a new and unique manner, and revealed that which he saw and experienced. Revealed – not explained… For this a thank you – not of politeness, but as the only proper response, the only genuine amen. The poet’s world is God’s and his, and no one else’s. You give it to us, as God gives us His (and now through your poetry – yours) world. We can receive it, integrate it into our vision yet, it will forever remain a gift, and this is the only genuine ontology. All poetry (even a “blank” one) is religious. Yours is Christian. It is itself an Amen to a gift, an act of communion, praise and wonder. I am glad I read it on the first day of Lent. You write your poetry in a language which is not yours, yet you transform it, make it into yours (not “Romanian” but yours). For the first time in my life I had the thought that maybe each poet ought to write in a language other than his. For then he must “sacramentally” transform an “alien” language into his own-unique and genuine… Meanwhile, thank you once more, for a wonderful gift.

- Alexander Schmemann

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